EOR Series 2 Membership

EOR Series 2 Membership

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Series 2 Includes:
An awesome premium quality leather keyfob, hand built on Denman Island by Dad Hands (100 only – first come first served)
Full Colour Stitched Patron of the Arts Patch 
The Dog Indiana "Burnt Ends" 12" LP
Half Dead “Nasty, Brutish, and Short” 12" LP
Indications "Self Titled" 12" LP
Warm “Death Ron” 12” LP
Aanthems / Bosses "New Ruins / We Died Here" Split 12" Double EP
Swear Jar “I + II” 12" Double EP

 Only $100 (yes, that’s the real price! Cost without Membership will be $185)

 Series 2 is even better than before! More Artists, more records, more merch, SAME PRICE!

 It’s still just as easy to join, Just smash that “add to cart” button, create an account, complete the checkout and you’re done!

This time around we’re doing things a bit differently because we’ve learned a lot from Series 1. Mostly; waiting sucks, and shipping costs are ridiculous.

 To improve the lives of all involved, we decided to release these records digitally as they were finished so we could all celebrate these amazing achievements at peak freshness. If you made it to one of the release parties, we’re sure you felt the same electric energy in those rooms we did.  

 Now it’s time to get this wax all pressed up and, in your hands, and we’re doing it all at once. All 6 records will ship together in the Spring of 2024 (our estimation) along with the rest of your membership goodies. That’s still a wait, but wayyyy quicker than before and it will save you a ton on shipping costs!  Unless you wanna pick up at Red Cat Records in Vancouver, which is freeeeee!

 Turbo over at Dad Hands is sweetening the pot even more by hand tooling these amazing leather DH/EOR collab key fobs for the first 100 Members! Go check out her incredible work! https://www.instagram.com/dad.hands

 “Oh noooo! What if I already bought a copy of The Dog Indiana ‘Burnt Ends’?”  Then you are the BEST, and we will happily substitute for any record from Series 1 or an EOR tee, or… idk, send us an email and we’ll make sure you’re happy.

 Need more motivation? Listennnnnn: