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Aanthems Promo Shot; Photographer: Lindsay Dolejsi, @ldbd

Photographer: Lindsay Dolejsi

Ryan and his brother Geof and have been playing music together since the early 90s. They grew up in a surprisingly noise tolerant suburb of Vancouver Canada which allowed them an unreasonable amount of time for musical experimentation. They bought and borrowed enough gear to start bands and play shows, but after a few years their friends had moved on to other interests. They started playing as a two piece in 97 and after learning some pretty good tricks, rebranded to AANTHEMS in 2015. Now here they are with their first full length and they couldn’t be happier, even though they sound really pissed off on every song.


Anchoress Promo Shot

Photographer: Em Ludington

Anchoress is a post-punk band from Vancouver, BC. Since their formation in 2010, they have released four records and played hundreds of shows across Canada and the US with some of their favourite bands. Their most recent record, "Stay Positive", is easily their most accomplished to date and a sure sign that Anchoress is only improving with age.


Brass promo shoot; Photographer: Liang Huang, @liann.huang

Photographer: Liann Huang

Just some jerks making noise.


Dead End Drive-In Promo Shot; Photographer: Alice Hong,

Photographer: Alice Hong

Punk band from Vancouver, BC. You know. That one with the 3 guitar players. Gotta shred with existential dread.


Indications Promo Shot; Photographer: Ryan Clare, @pacificsoundsystem

Photographer: Ryan Clare

Sometimes Loud, Sometimes Soft, Always Sad


Stuttr Promo Shot

Photographer: Zeh Daruwalla

A four piece experimental post-punk ice cream sandwich with subtle notes of broken glass and hardcore.


Photographer: Brandynn Leigh

Four piece from Vancouver, BC. Lil' punk lil' emo and lots of fun.